Freaky Deaky: Vivaldi for Viola d’Amore

This weekend, I’ll be travelling to Oakville, Ontario, to play Vivaldi’s Concerto in D minor RV393 for viola d’amore and orchestra with the Oakville Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra has planned a concert called Vivaldi for Freaky Instruments, inviting three players of instruments commonly used in baroque music, but rarely seen or heard by most modern classical-music audiences, to play solos with the orchestra. It’s an excellent way to introduce these beautiful instruments and masterful music to a wider audience, and a great chance for me to sharpen my viola d’amore chops!OCO_Feb_2016_poster-small

Want to know how I got into viola d’amore? Here’s a blog post from when the adventure began, including photos of my instrument in the making: Viola d’Amore: A Love Story.

Listen to the Vivaldi concerto we’re playing, recorded by Fabio Biondi and Europa Galante.

Learn more about Vivaldi and the viola d’amore on the Quall Publications website.