Daily Alice

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I like to think that musicianship, passion, commitment and excellent song writing speak louder than the loudest compression, or the hypiest marketing campaign. In a just world, Daily Alice would sell out in minutes and foster an armada of imitators.”
–J Simpson in Divide and Conquer

Daily Alice is the solo project of JUNO-nominated sound artist Jennifer Thiessen. Using voice, viola and live processing, she spins a web between song writing and free improvisation with folk roots, classical chops and rock sensibility. With this project, she was suddenlyLISTEN’s Artist-in-Residence (Halifax, 2020) and has collaborated with percussionist Ben Reimer, Plumes (Veronica Charnley), Touching (Mike P Falk) and many other guest artists.

Passionate about making music in many forms, Jennifer’s creative practices include interpreting new composed music (Park Sounds) experimental composition-performance (S[ILK]S), and free improvisation (Toninato/Thiessen). She also performs historical repertoire for the viola and viola d’amore and writes poetic prose and music journalism. After two decades in Montreal, she recently moved home to Manitoba.


Animal – Southern Souls (feat. Plumes):

suddenlyLISTEN (full show):