Viola d’amore

Commissions for solo viola d’amore:
Cassandra Miller: Undone (solo viola d’amore and prerecorded track)
Marielle Groven: Living Light (prepared solo viola d’amore)
Steven Gellman: Volo d’Amore
Mike Essoudry: As It Goes
Megan Jerome: Breathe
Jan Jarvlepp: Blinded by Love
Jen McLachlan: Ceres
Leonard Lightstone: Variations on Avrix Mi Galanica
Pierre-Yves Martel: Continuum

Commissions for viola d’amore and percussion:
Karen Sunabaka: I Wasn’t Meant for This
Daniel Morphy: How We Grow
Michael Matthews: perishable light: thirteen fragments after poetry by dennis cooley

Commission for viola d’amore and keyboard instruments:
Matthias Maute, Noncerto Beaupré RR4