7 : The Residency Continues

And my blackboard (above) now looks more like a Rothko than a manic artist barf. Things are good.

Every day since last Thursday, I’ve been having one-on-one playing sessions with people from here, meeting new people and getting to know old friends better through the conversation of sound. I’ve been recording these as well, and will go through them and post some of these super fun duos (with permission!), but for now I’ll keep it close to home and share another example of what I’m working on alone.

This one is pretty representative of where things are leading so far because it starts with some vocal experiments, which have been a priority, then adds viola and more layers as I work on using my pedals live to create an overall shape instead of only for short experiments in private. It’s a ten-minute process, with my phone alarm coming in around the eight minute mark (telling me to go to dinner), but it oddly fit what else was going on so that little iHarp and I kept going for a couple more moments. Enjoy!