S[ILK]S: For you, alone

S[ILK]S is the name of my duo with composer-vocalist-electronics artist Andrea Young. Our debut piece For You, Alone premiered March 22, 2021 in No Hay Banda’s online VideoFest. The audio composition/recording is paired with film by Van Royko and Marie-Philippe Gilbert. The entire evening of works can be viewed here: For You, Alone begins at minute 3:20 and lasts around 20 minutes. Enjoy!

S[ILK]S For You, Alone at 3:20 – 20:21

S[ILK]S is Andrea Young and Jennifer Thiessen. Their first collaboration is a radical remix of early 20th-century art songs passed through a kaleidoscope of echoes and shadows. A primary palette of voices and analogue electronics shades this dedication to the solitary. Reconstructed shards filter through themes of aloneness and communication (connection) through time and space.

For You, Alone shines a feminist light on remnants of patriarchal intellectualism which dominated music composition in the 20th century. While Webern and Schoenberg tore down the formal Hanging Gardens of their predecessors in favour of atonal freedoms, their work now represents oppressive obsolete systems which must in turn be deconstructed. Hyper-rational reversals and retrogrades are reinterpreted here through playful littering with popular forms of the day and aesthetic elements of the now. Nostalgia is brought into conversation through vintage technology, recognising the past in a way that allows us to pioneer into the future. In imagining a new musical garden, S[ILK]S takes inspiration from joyful collages, crazy quilts, emotional echos and psychic shadows.